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What are the properties of ceramic fiber blankets?

Date:2020-02-10 15:29 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
Ceramic fiber blanket is also called aluminum silicate fiber blanket, and it is also called aluminum silicate double-sided needle punched blanket. After double-sided needling, the fiber interlacing degree, anti-layering performance, tensile strength and surface flatness are greatly improved. The fiber blanket does not contain any organic binder to ensure that the ceramic fiber blanket has good manufacturability and stability under high and low temperature conditions. 
The ceramic fiber blanket is white in color, regular in size, and integrates fire resistance, heat insulation and heat insulation. It can still maintain good tensile strength, toughness and fiber structure when used for a long time in a neutral and oxidizing atmosphere. The temperature resistance is 950-1400 ° C. Occupies a dominant position in the use of high-temperature pipelines, and ceramic fiber blankets have strong thermal insulation capabilities, so they can save more heat, which is 1.2 times the energy saving capacity of similar thermal insulation materials (such as thermal insulation bricks), and is gradually being replaced. Asbestos products. Its advantage is that it does not contain harmful ingredients.
According to the ceramic fiber processing technology, it can be divided into two types: silk spinning blanket and blown blanket.

The ceramic fiber used in the spinning blanket is thicker and longer than the blowing blanket, so the spinning blanket has higher tensile and flexural strength than the blowing blanket, which is suitable for those with higher requirements for folding and tensile resistance. Thermal insulation environment.
The ceramic fiber of the blown blanket is thinner than the spinneret blanket, so it is inferior to the spinneret in terms of tensile and bending resistance, but the thermal conductivity of the blower blanket is more excellent, which is suitable for ceramic fiber blankets with low tear resistance Thermal insulation requires a higher environment.
According to the ingredients, it can be divided into 1050 ordinary type, 1260 standard type, 1260 high purity type, 1400 high aluminum type, 1400 zirconium aluminum type and 1430 zirconium-containing type. Its density is 96-128kg / m3.
Its common specifications are 7200 * 610 * (10-50), if special requirements are required, it can be processed and produced according to customer needs.
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