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Sunrise refractory bricks with good price

Date:2019-01-04 16:50 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
Sunrise refractory bricks, also be called fireclay bricks, are made of a high temperature resistant material which has been foamed while wet. When made refractory bricks into the entrapped air provides excellent insulation. These refractory bricks for sale are often used as liner in brick and pottery kilns to make them more efficient. Fireclay bricks, or fire bricks are high temperature structural bricks. They are used for the lining of masonry fireplaces, and for the structural components of brick, pottery, and glass making kilns.
Sunrise's refractory bricks can be used as high-temperature building materials and structural materials for building kiln and various thermal equipment, and can withstand various physical and chemical
changes and mechanical effects at high temperatures. This has a lot to do with the characteristics of the product itself. Let's take a look at the characteristics of the refractory brick:
1. Chemical composition: The main components determine the quality and characteristics of the refractory.
2, bulk density: unit volume weight, density, indicating that the compactness is good, the strength may be high, but the thermal conductivity may be large.
3, obvious porosity: no specific requirements, but as a manufacturer must strictly control the air hole.
4, load softening temperature: also called high temperature load to start deformation temperature, this parameter is very important, marking material resistance to high temperature resistance.
5. Thermal shock resistance: The ability to resist rapid changes in temperature without being destroyed.

This kind of refractory brick is because it has the above characteristics, it can better ensure the performance of the product can be applied, so that buyers can buy products with good performance. When you buy the product, you can first understand this kind of product. The characteristics of the product, in order to prevent the purchase of poor performance products.

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