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Your Best Choice of Ceramic Fiber Module Supplier

Date:2018-12-05 17:03 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
Ceramic fiber module has excellent refractory, energy saving and insulating effects, and low heat storage. Ceramic fiber module can be directly fixed on the shell of the industrial furnace; installation is fast and easy. Ceramic fiber module improves the refractory and insulating integrity of furnaces and improves furnace construction process. Sunrise refractory has many different sizes of ceramic fiber module in stock. Our ceramic fiber modules are made from high-quality spun fiber blanket, then folded and compressed to certain dimensions.
Sunrise refractory ceramic fiber modules are designed to deliver maximum energy savings and insulation benefits with low heat storage. These products have been engineered for seamless integration with your specific application, and often can be directly attached to the shell of your industrial furnace quickly, easily, and efficiently. Sunrise refractory offers ceramic fiber modules that are resistant to heats of up to 3,000°F (1,649°C) and can be constructed from a variety of high-quality ceramic fibers, zirconia, or polycrystalline materials.
Sunrise refractory ceramic fiber modules widely be used in furnace kiln, reformer and boiler lining, laboratory ovens, furnace door lining and seals, furnace repair, annealing furnace linings, investment casting mold wrap, stress–relieving blankets, reusable steam and gas turbine insulation, expansion joints packing, high temperature gaskets, fire protection & acoustical service.
With the aid of stringent quality assurance systems, powerful technology & advanced equipments, our ceramic fiber modules enjoy good reputation both in China and abroad. Our foreign markets include USA, Germany, UK, Italy, Turkey, Russia, Japan, South Korea, India & South Africa. Zhengzhou sunrise refractory co., ltd. is the NO.1 ceramic fiber modules supplier in China.
At sunrise refractory, we offer only the best selection of ceramic fiber module to suit your ceramic fiber modules needs. If you need ceramic fiber modules, welcome send e- mail to me.

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