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High-quality refractory bricks should have what conditions

Date:2018-01-16 10:13 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
Refractory brick is a good refractory material, mainly used in the construction of kilns. The quality of refractory bricks are also good or bad, good quality firebrick durable fire effect. So high-quality refractory bricks should have what conditions?
The basic characteristics of high-quality refractory bricks are determined by their internal chemical composition. Therefore, the composition is the basis of the characteristics of refractory bricks, composition and quantity directly determine the performance of refractory bricks. Refractory brick products is also a mineral composition, the nature of refractory bricks is a comprehensive reflection of the composition of minerals and microstructure, it can not be simply analyzed from the chemical composition of the product performance. The refractory brick mineral composition in turn depends on its chemical composition and process conditions. Although refractory bricks have the same chemical composition, the type, amount and crystalline state of the mineral phases formed will vary if the processing conditions are different and the properties of the bricks will vary.
Firebrick in the process of using high temperature to withstand a variety of physical and chemical effects, the occurrence of erosion, wear and tear or damage caused. Therefore, bricks must have to adapt to a variety of working conditions of performance, and performance and composition and structure has a very close relationship. However, it must be emphasized that the macro-organizational structure of refractory bricks is also an important factor affecting the performance, while the performance indicators reflect the internal structure of the bricks. For example: that the nature of the degree of density - porosity of firebrick, body Trifoliate density, true density; gas permeability that the nature of the degree of difficulty - the permeability of refractory bricks; thermal properties of a refractory brick a linear expansion coefficient, Thermal conductivity, heat capacity and temperature conductivity; that the nature of the mechanical properties - refractory brick at room temperature and high temperature compressive strength, high temperature flexural strength, high temperature torsional strength, high temperature creep and refractory brick elastic modulus; that High temperature performance into a refractoriness, high temperature load softening temperature, high temperature volume stability, thermal shock resistance and slag resistance.

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