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Where are advantages of high alumina gravity refractory castable material ?

Date:2017-12-11 11:20 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
High-aluminum self-flowing refractory castables are castable refractory materials that can flow and degas without vibration (see Refractory Castables). Its characteristics are without reducing or significantly reducing the properties of castable under the conditions of appropriate water, without vibration can be poured into a variety of shapes of construction body. Self-flow castables are particularly suitable for thin-walled or complex-shaped parts that can not be vibrated.
Compared with the self-flow casting material is a vibration casting material, both compared to gravity casting material has the following advantages:
(1) pumpable construction, reduce labor intensity and speed up the construction cycle;
(2) can be automatically spread and can reach the vibration casting material can not reach the site;
(3) It can flow under its own weight without vibration;
(4) can better ensure the performance of castable can be fully reflected in the actual use;
(6) easy on-site construction performance test;
(5) reduce noise pollution.

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