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Requirements Of The Refractory Brick

Date:2017-08-10 16:54 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin

High temperature equipment can not be separated from the refractory brick, and the raw material of refractory is very various, refractory brick is widely used in building various heating furnace and heat treatment furnace flue, chimney, waste heat utilization device and burner etc. widely used refractory concluding: silicon aluminum refractory brick, high alumina refractory brick, silicon carbide brick, etc. The quality of the refractory brick has a direct influence on the life of the furnace, the product quality and the production cost, and the quality of refractory brick depends on its physical properties and working performance, therefore, refractory bricks need to be strict to do as the following.

1. When refractory brick is used in high temperature condition, it should have a certain degree of fire resistance, the lowest limit of which is 1580℃.

2. Can bear the construction load and effect stress in operation, and not loss the structural strength at high temperature.

3. Stable volume at high temperature which will to produce too much expansion stress and shrinkage cracks.

4. Don’t have crack damages when rapid changes in temperature.

5. Have good chemical stability such as good resistance to molten metal, Gaki, tin oxide, furnace gas.

6. Better wear resistance and thermal shock resistance.

7. Neat appearance and accurate size which can ensure the tolerance not more than a certain range.

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