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Applications Of Refractory Fibers In Furnaces

Date:2016-06-13 15:33 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
With the development of energy-saving technologies, the energy-saving measures have got more and more attentions. Refractory materials are one of the important factors that affect the energy-saving, thernal efficiency and service life. 
Applications Of Refractory Fibers In Furnaces
Polycrystalline mullite refractory fiber material ( PMF) is a new ultra-lightweight high temperature insulating refractory. It consists of mullite micro crystals and have properties of crystal materials and fiber materials in one. It has excellent thermal stability and can be used at 1500℃ in the long-term use. Its melt point is 1840℃. Its thermal conductivity is 1/6 of traditional refractory bricks. Its bulk density is only 1/25 of traditional refractory bricks. it can be widely used in the insulation of the linings of indusrial furnaces. It is the ideal refractory material for energy-saving, high quality and high output of high temperature furnaces. 
Polycrystalline mullite fiber is made by the chemical colloid method. It is a technology-intensive product. It has high heat resistance and low melt point. It can reduce the heat loss by 30%. It is used in the steel Rolling furnaces with frequent changes of steel varieties and specifications. Its comprehensive energy saving is up to 5-6%. In intermittent electric furnaces, its energy saving effect is more obvious. The energy-saving rate is 30%.

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