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Property test of ceramic fiber paper

Date:2016-06-06 11:02 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
The wet method for the ceramic fiber paper production mainly includes pulping, centrifugal cleaning, ease dispersion, sheet making, drying and property test. 
 ceramic fiber paper
First, break up the fiber with a standard fiber dissociation device. Then remove the slags by gravity. Finally, adhevsive agents are added. Make sheets with a sheet machine. Size the sheet with a sprayer or immerse the sheets with a certain concentration of alumina sol. Dry the paper with a dryer and then conduct property tests on the paper. 
According to the national standard for paper, measrure the following parameters of the paer including quantitative (GB / T451.2-1989), thickness (GB / T451.3- 1989) and tensile strength (GB / T453-1989).
Ignition loss is the loss of the paper after burnt at high temperature(620 -750℃)., mainly including the weight of water and the weight loss of the admixtures. The ignition loss is an important indicator of ceramic fiber paper. The lower the ignition loss, the better its high temperature properties. 

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