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Factors for Consideration When Selecting Ceramic Fiber Products

Date:2016-05-17 18:06 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
When selecting ceramic fiber products, both the quality and properties of the products and the working conditions should be taken into consideration. The main factors that shall be considered when selecting ceramic fiber products are as the following. 
Factors for Consideration When Selecting Ceramic Fiber Products
1) Temperature
For elevated temperatures the ceramic fiber products have to be adequately resistant to the highest temperature involved under eventual service conditions.
2) Stability
The ceramic fiber products have to be capable of giving effective service for its design life. This is of special importance for certain plants in which access for repair work may be difficult.
3) Resistance to degradation
This requirement can have wide implications from resistance to chemical attack to resistance to fire. It will also include resistance to the required environmental conditions, such as adequate weather resistance for outdoor service as well as resistance to accidental spillage of oils or other chemicals. The ceramic fiber products should not tend to dissociate or disintegrate.
4) Thermal effectiveness
The ceramic fiber products should have a low conductivity to ensure the thermal effectiveness of the complete insulation system during prolonged periods of service. There shall be adequate quality control at all stages of the manufacture of materials and at all stages of their application at the site.
5) Type and dimensions of the furnaces to the insulated
The size and configuration of the furnaces will have an important bearing on the suitability of particular ceramic fiber products, as well as on the reinforcement, means of securing and type of finishing material to be used. Particular care will be required with large flat areas, especially when elevated temperatures may cause extensive thermal movements.
6) Corrosion
As no insulating materials, with the possible exception of multiple-foil stainless steel, are substantially free from soluble chlorides, adequate protective measures shall be adopted as an essential part of the insulation system when the surface to be insulated is sensitive to chloride attack. In such cases these precautions may include covering the surface with aluminum foil, or treatment with suitable protective compound.
7) Fire
When there is a risk of fire, choose ceramic fiber products that can be in direct contact with flame or provide some form of protection for the products that would otherwise be flammable by careful choice of a finishing material or outer sheet cover. 
8) Space for insulating system
Sufficient space should be provided during design to enable the chosen insulating system to be correctly installed and maintained.

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