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Ceramic Fiber Spun Blanket VS. Ceramic Fiber Blown Blanket

Date:2016-05-17 17:59 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
Ceramic fiber blanket is a lightweight, highly efficient thermal insulation material. On basis of the production process, it can be divided into spun blanket and blown blanket. Since they have different thickness and different distribution patterns, their characteristics and applications are different. 
Ceramic Fiber Spun Blanket VS. Ceramic Fiber Blown Blanket
Spun fiber is thicker and longer than blown fiber. Spun fiber is 3.0-5.0μm thick and 150-250mm long. Blown fiber is 2.0-3.0μm and 100-200mm. 
Since spun fiber is thicker, spun blanket has better tensile and flexural strength than blown blanket. It is suitable to the insulation environment that has higher requirement for tensile and flexural strength. 
Since blown blanket has thinner fiber, it is inferior to spun blanket in term of tensile and flexural strength, but it has lower thermal conductivity. It is suitable to the insulation environment that has higher requirement for insulation but lower requirement for tensile and flexural strength.
When used to make ceramic fiber module, blown blanket is easy to be broken and torn, while spun blanket can be folded compactly and not easy to be broken. The quality of the module will directly affect the quality of the lining. 
When vertically laid in the waste heat boiler, since spun blanket has thicker and longer fiber, it has better tensile strength and is more durable. 
When broken apart, spun blanket has almost no fiber ball in it while blown has significant fiber balls in it. 
Spun ceramic fiber is pure white with slightly blue and there is basically no motley in the center.  Blown blanket is bright white and there is motley in the center. 
Spun blanket has compact needled structure with obvious arrangement in both sides. Blown blanket has loose needled structure and the arrangement in both sides is not obvious. 
The texture trend of spun blanket is orderly no matter broken or seen from the side, while the texture trend of blown fiber is not quite orderly. 
Since spun fiber is made by the spinning method, spun blanket contains less slag balls and is not prickly. However, since blown fiber is made by blowing method and is not stable, it contains more slag balls and is prickly. 
The blowing method was first introduced, but its single line production capacity is low. The single line production capacity of the spinning method is 2-4 times higher than that of the blowing method. 
Blown blanket has its own unique application. When making secondary processed products (Eg, ceramic fiber vacuum formed) which are made of smashed fiber, blown fiber is easier to be smashed and mixed with other raw materials. 
Therefore, both spun blanket and blown blanket has their pros and cons. Select the suitable type according to the application to achieve the best results. 

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