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Two Common Installation Methods Of Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Date:2016-05-17 18:08 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
There are many different installation methods of ceramic fiber blanket. In different furnaces and environments, different methods are used. There are generally two common methods for the installation of ceramic fiber blanket. 
Two Common Installation Methods Of Ceramic Fiber Blanket
One is to glue the ceramic fiber blanket together. After cleaning the rust in the inner wall, fix the blanket to the wall with binders. Then apply two layers of high temperature coatings. Before installing, first draw lines on the inner wall to mark the arrangement position according to the deign drawing. 
When using the first method, is is better to install the blanket form top to bottom. When installing from bottom to top, do not drop binder on the pasted blankets. Blankets used in the burner, exhaust port and holes should be cut into corresponding stripes or blocks and their arrangement direction should be perpendicular to their peripheries. When steel meshes are required to use, they should be firmly spot welded on the furnace shell. The steel meshes should be smooth with a thickness of 1-1.5mm. The binder should be applied evenly and fully. After the binder is applied, the blanket should be pasted to the predetermined positions immediately and pressed with a wood trowel. 
The other is to use ceramic fiber modules, which is made of folded blanket. The blankets should be cut neatly according to the designed size. Each bundle should be pre-compressed. The compression ratio should be 15% to 20%. The supporting plates and fixing pins should be welded firmly. The support plates should be horizontal and the pins should be vertical. The distance between centers of pins is preferably 250 ~ 300mm.
When fixed with pins, the blankets should be penetrated to the supporting plate. The pin should be inserted into the blanket vertically. After the pin is fixed, blankets should be in close contact to the inner layer. 

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