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Different Kind Of Casting Method For Fused Cast Series Block

Date:2015-09-14 18:49 | From:Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory | Author:admin
After melting and refining the mixed material of fused cast series blocks in the electric arc furnace which needs to reach the casting standard, then pouring the molten liquid into the casting mold by the electric furnace, the operation process is called casting. This process is short but complicated, and each step is related to the quality of the final product. There are several kinds of casting methods to produce casting blocks, and different casting method leads to different performance of fused cast blocks, below are several casting methods which are commonly used in China.
1. Normal casting: fused cast series block adopts normal riser casting and the riser is eliminated in hot state. The cut section is divided into two parts, the first part is solidified which crystallized dense, and this part accounts for 40%-50% thickness of casting; another part is then solidified which has shrinkage and coarse crystallization. The price of fused cast block produced in this way is relatively low, and it is mainly use in upper structure and sidewall of the tank of glass furnace.
2. Tilt casting: Tilt casting is that makes the mold in a special angle before casting and then casts the mold by putting the riser in one side. This can get a dense area in the T section and can be used to get higher accuracy in the T direction, so fused cast block produced in this way can be mainly used in side wall of glass furnace.
3. Void free casting: The shrinkage hole is concentrated in a certain area, and removes the shrinkage with diamond saw after cooling. The remaining useful part is homogeneous and dense, and the average bulk density is close to the theoretical density. Fused cast block manufactured in this method is mainly applied to bottom of tank, channel, electronic brick and other high request parts in glass furnace, and the price is also relatively high.
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